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Please note: Some of the dishes on the menu may contain almonds/nuts and traces may appear in other dishes. If you have any food allergies please let our staff know so that we can cater a dish to your requirements.

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Our Takeaway Menu and Prices


Most served with Mint Sauce and Salad
Tandoori Mix £5.90
Tandoori Chicken  £3.50
Chicken Pakora £3.50
Chicken Tikka £3.50
Chicken Tikka Chat £3.50
Lamb Tikka £3.90
Prawn Cocktail £3.50
Samosa £3.00
(Meat or Vegetable)
Kebab £3.50
(Shami or Sheek)
Rashmi Kebab £3.50
Prawn Puri £3.50
Onion Bhajee £3.00
Chicken Chat Massala £3.50
(Slightly hot, cooked with fresh Lemon Juice)
Aloo Chat Massala £3.00
(Slightly hot, cooked with fresh Lemon Juice)
Mixed Puri £4.90
Lamb, Chicken & Prawn)
Kebab Roll £3.80
(Sheek Kebab rolled in a Paratha)

Shah Specials

Chicken or Lamb Sag Paneer £6.90
(Topped with Cheese)
Kochi Gosht or Chicken £6.90
(Marinated Lamb or Chicken cooked in a medium-spiced Sauce, garnished with Onions)
Bengal Lasagne £6.90
(Chicken or Lamb with Cheese)
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jalfry £6.90
(Fairly hot with Chillies)
Chicken or Lamb Rezalla £6.90
(Marinated Chicken or Lamb with added Mince)
Sweet Chilli Chicken or Lamb £6.90
(Spicy hot and sweet)
Shahi Kebab £6.90
(Tandoori Mince Lamb Kebabs cooked in a spicy Sauce)

Nans and Sundries

Nan £2.00
Peshwari Nan £2.30
Garlic Nan £2.30
Chilli Nan £2.30
Cheese Nan £2.50
Keema Nan £2.50
Kulcha Nan £2.80
(Egg, Onion and Coriander)
Kulcha-e-Lason £2.30
(Garlic and Onion)
Paratha £2.00
Chips £1.90
Chapatti £1.50
Papadam £0.60
Spicy Papadam £0.60
Tray of Chutney £2.00

Tandoori Delicacies

Tandoori Chicken £6.30
Tandoori Chicken £11.60
Chicken Tikka £6.20
Lamb Tikka £6.50
Sheek Kebab £6.00
Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.90
includes Nan and a Sauce of your choice
Tandoori Thali £12.00
Tandoori Chicken, Sheek Kebab, Lamb or Chicken Bhuna, Nan, Vegetable Curry, served with Pilau Rice
King Prawn Shashlik £ 12.00
Chicken Shashlik £9.00
Chicken Tikka Kebab £5.50

Curry Dishes

Plain Curry (Medium lightly spiced)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.00
King Prawn £7.90
Korma Dishes (very mild)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
Chicken Delight £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Bhuna Dishes (medium)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Dupiaza Dishes (fairly hot)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Madras Dishes (fairly hot)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Vindaloo and Phall (Very hot and extremely hot)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Dhansak Dishes (Sweet and sour with Lentils)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Roghan Dishes (Medium)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Monsumon Dishes (Cooked with fresh Beans)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.80
Jalfry Dishes (Fairly hot with Green Chillies)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Pathia Dishes
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Chilli Massala Dishes (Fairly hot)
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £5.50
King Prawn £7.90
Saag Chicken £5.50
(with Spinach)
Saag Lamb £5.50
(with Spinach)
Channa Gosht £5.50
(with Chick Peas)


Plain Rice £2.00
Pilau Rice £2.30
Vegetable Rice £2.90
Mushroom Rice £2.80
Keema Rice £3.50
Egg Fried Rice £2.80
Lemon Rice £2.80
Garlic Rice £2.80
Sag Rice £2.80
1/2 Rice and 1/2 Chips £3.00

Biriany Dishes

Specially mixed Rice, spiced and cooked with Chicken, Lamb or Prawn in authentic style served with Vegetable or Plain Curry Sauce to your taste.  Any Biriany with Mushrooms: 50p
Vegetable Biriany £5.90
Chicken Biriany £7.00
Lamb Biriany £7.50
Prawn Biriany £7.00
King Prawn Biriany £9.50
Chicken Tikka Biriany £8.00
Lamb Tikka Biriany £8.50
Mixed Biriany £9.50
( Lamb, Chicken & Prawn)

Balti Style Dishes

Our Balti dishes are made with only the freshest ingredients, carefully marinated in specially prepared recipes of Herbs and Spices, allowing the flavour to enrich each individual Balti. (served with Nan Bread)
Vegetable Balti £7.00
Lamb Balti £7.50
Lamb and Sag Balti £8.00
Lamb and Mushroom Balti £7.90
Chicken Balti £7.30
Chicken and Mushroom Balti £7.50
Chilli Lamb Balti £7.50
Garlic Lamb Balti £7.90
Chicken Balti £7.30
Chicken Mushroom Balti £7.90
Chicken Tikka Balti £7.90
Chicken and Sag Balti £7.90
Chilli Chicken Balti £7.90
Garlic Chicken Balti £7.80
Prawn Balti £7.50
Prawn Sag Balti £7.90
Chilli Prawn Balti £7.50
(with Green Chilli)
King Prawn Balti £9.90
Lahore Balti £8.90
(Lamb, Chicken, Prawn and Sag)
Paneer Balti £7.50

Vegetable Dishes

Only served with main dishes
Mixed Vegetable Curry £3.00
Mixed Vegetable Korma £3.00
Mixed Vegetable Bhajee £3.00
Mushrooms Bhajee £3.00
Bindi Bhajee £3.50
Brinjal Bhajee £3.50
Chana Massala £3.00
(Chick Peas)
Cauliflower Bhajee £3.00
Aloo Gobi £3.00
Bombay Aloo £3.00
Sag Aloo £3.00
Tarka Dal £3.00

English Dishes

French Fried Chicken and Chips £7.50
French Fried Prawns and Chips £7.50
Fried Chicken and Chips £5.90
Chicken Omelette and Chips £6.00
Cold Chicken Salad £6.00
Prawn Salad £6.00
Mushrooms Omelette and Chips £5.90

Chef's Selection

Tandoori Butter Chicken £6.30
(Baked tender Chicken cooked in a rich, thick Massala Sauce with Butter)
Lamb Tikka Massala £6.50
Chicken Tikka Massala £6.30
(Boneless Chicken cooked in Massala Sauce)
Lamb Tikka Bhuna £6.50
Chicken Tikka Bhuna £6.80
(A North Indian speciality; well spiced, diced Lamb or Chicken with chopped Tomatoes and Capsicum)
Butter Murgi Ala Gulmarg (mild) £6.30
(The most famous of all Kashmir dishes; Corn-fed tender Chicken cooked with Tomatoes, Butter, Coconut and Cream, sprinkled with Nuts and Sultanas)
Chicken Tikka Chat £6.30
Murghi Scardu £9.90
(Marinated Tandoori Chicken, cooked with Minced Lamb, served with Pilau Rice and Nan Bread)
Chicken Special £6.50
Lamb or Chicken Pasanda £6.50
(Cooked in a mild creamy wine Sauce and garnished with Cashew Nuts)
Tandoori King Prawn Bhuna £8.50
Tandoori King Prawn Massala £8.50
Korai Chicken £6.50
(or Lamb)
Chicken Tikka Sag Bhuna £6.50
Garlic Chicken Chilli Massala £ 6.50
Chicken Methi Special £6.50
Lamb Methi Special £6.50
Chicken Sag Methi Special £6.50
Chicken Assar £ 6.50
(slightly hot)
Shashlik Pathia £6.90
Shah Special £8.50
(Whole Chicken Breast cooked with fresh Spices in Bhuna Sauce, served with Rice)


A fine selection at outstanding value
Set Meal for One (A) £12.00
(Chicken Tikka – Starter, Chicken Special, Pilau Rice and Nan Bread)
Set Meal for One (B) £12.00
(Chicken Chat – Starter, Chicken Tikka Bhuna, Pilau Rice and Nan Bread)
Special Meal for Two (A) £22.00
(2 pieces of Tandoori Chicken – starter, Lamb Roghan, Chicken Bhuna, 2 Pilau Rice, Nan Bread and 2 Papadams)
Special Meal for Two (B) £23.60
(Chicken Tikka – Starter, Sheek Kebab – Starter, Chicken Tikka Massala, Chicken Bhuna, 2 Pilau Rice, Nan Bread and 2 Papadams)
Special Meal for Tow (C) £25.00
(2 Chicken Puri – Starter, Chicken Balti, Chicken or Lamb Tikka Bhuna, 2 Pilau Rice and 1 Nan Bread)
Set Meal for Four £46.00
(4 Chicken Puri – Starter, Chicken Dupiaza, Lamb Bhuna, Sag Chicken, Sag Aloo, Vegetable Bhajee, 2 Nan Bread and 4 Pilau Rice)
Vegetarian Set Meal for Two £21.00
(2 Vegetable Puri – Starters, Sag Aloo, Chana Massala, Mushroom Bajee, Nan Bread and 2 Pilau Rice)